Rachel Kelly
Writer, Mental Health Campaigner, Public Speaker


Rac­hel is an ex­perien­ced speak­er who gives talks on ment­al health at con­fer­ences, law firms, schools, uni­ver­sit­ies, gradua­tions, lit­era­ry fes­tiv­als and ment­al health charit­ies.

Al­though she has spok­en on many as­pects of ment­al health and the heal­ing power of the arts, the talk Rac­hel gives most frequent­ly is based on her own ex­peri­ence of learn­ing 'how to stay sane in a crazy world'. In the first half hour Rac­hel opens a di­alogue about the stig­ma sur­round­ing ment­al il­l­ness. She tells her own story of suf­fer­ing from clin­ical de­press­ion with re­fer­ence to the dang­ers of try­ing to do it all, and ex­plores pre­ven­tative measures as well as the tools and strateg­ies she used to re­cov­er. For the second half hour Rac­hel mediates a ques­tion and an­sw­er sess­ion with the audi­ence who are en­couraged to share their own ex­peri­ences.

Re­cent venues Rac­hel has spok­en at in­clude Slaught­er and May, CMS Cameron McKen­na, Nabar­ro, DLA Piper UK LLP, Bird & Bird, Her­bert Smith Freehills LLP, Li­nklat­ers LLP, Black Rock In­suran­ce, Bonas Mac­Farlane Educa­tion, News UK, St Paul’s Girls School, Wel­lington Col­lege, the Uni­vers­ity of Green­wich, Leeds Uni­vers­ity, the Ox­ford Lit­era­ry Fes­tiv­al, a ment­al health lunch hos­ted by the Royal Borough of Ken­sington & Chel­sea and a phys­ical and ment­al health fes­tiv­al or­ganized by Man­chest­er Uni­vers­ity.

If you would like to book Rac­hel for a speak­ing en­gage­ment please con­tact us here, we would love to hear from you.