Rachel Kelly
Writer, Journalist & Mental Health Campaigner


Rachel Kelly

Rac­hel Kelly began her care­er as a jour­nal­ist and spent ten years on the Times. With a long-standing in­terest in ment­al health, Rac­hel now runs workshops on how to ac­hieve good ment­al health and is an am­bassador for SANE and a vice pre­sident of Uni­ted Re­spon­se.

Rac­hel con­tributes re­gular­ly to newspap­ers in­clud­ing The Times and The Daily Teleg­raph on ment­al health and is an ex­perien­ced pub­lic speak­er.


Walking on Sunshine

Walk­ing on Sunshine of­f­ers 52 tips, tools and positive ideas (one for each week of the year) to help you bet­t­er man­age the pre­ssures of every­day life. Rac­hel Kelly shares the strateg­ies that have hel­ped her stay calm and happy after over­com­ing two epi­sodes of severe de­press­ion. Some of the steps re­late to par­ticular ex­peri­ences and events, such as holidays, work and her children’s exams; oth­ers are use­ful at any time.

Writt­en in the con­fiden­ti­al, con­ver­sation­al style of a good friend and il­lustrated by Daily Mail car­toon­ist Jonat­han Pugh, Walk­ing on Sunshine ser­ves as a con­stant, sup­por­tive com­pan­ion through the seasons. Pub­lished by Short Books and avail­able to order on Amazon (UK).

"Absolutely lovely - so broad in scope and yet so simple and effortless." ~ Mark Williamson, Action for Happiness

"A deceptively simple guide to a less complicated life - Kelly's warm, wise personal tips have universal application" ~ Bell Mooney