Rachel Kelly
Writer, Mental Health Campaigner, Public Speaker


The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food

My new book is about eat­ing to stay calm and well. The Happy Kitch­en: Good Mood Food is pub­lished by Short Books in Janua­ry 2017. I'm so ex­cited! I've writt­en it with the won­der­ful nut­rition­ist Alice Mac­kintosh. Togeth­er we've de­veloped re­cipes to boost your en­er­gy, nourish your spirit, and help you sleep.... I found my ment­al health im­proved so much work­ing with Alice that I wan­ted to share what I've learnt.

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Walk­ing on Sunshine: 52 Small Steps to Hap­pi­ness

Walk­ing on Sunshine of­f­ers 52 tips, tools and positive ideas (one for each week of the year) to help you bet­t­er man­age the pre­ssures of every­day life. Rac­hel Kelly shares the strateg­ies that have hel­ped her stay calm and happy after over­com­ing two epi­sodes of severe de­press­ion. Some of the steps re­late to par­ticular ex­peri­ences and events, such as holidays, work and her children’s exams; oth­ers are use­ful at any time. Writt­en in the con­fiden­ti­al, con­ver­sation­al style of a good friend and il­lustrated by Daily Mail car­toon­ist Jonat­han Pugh, Walk­ing on Sunshine ser­ves as a con­stant, sup­por­tive com­pan­ion through the seasons. Avail­able to buy on Amazon (UK).

Black Rain­bow: How Words Healed Me – My Jour­ney Through De­press­ion

Black Rain­bow is the power­ful first-person ac­count of Rac­hel Kelly’s struggle with clin­ical de­press­ion and how she man­aged to re­cov­er, in part, through har­ness­ing the heal­ing power of the writt­en word. In 1997, Ox­ford graduate, work­ing moth­er and Times jour­nal­ist Rac­hel went from feel­ing mild­ly an­xi­ous to being com­plete­ly un­able to func­tion with­in the space of just three days. After a short spell in a psyc­hiat­ric hos­pit­al, she re­tur­ned home to be cared for by her fami­ly. As some­one who had al­ways loved poet­ry, it be­came some­th­ing for Rac­hel to cling onto – from re­peat­ing short man­tras to learn­ing and re­cit­ing en­tire poems – these words and ver­ses be­came a positive force for chan­ge in her life. Black Rain­bow of­f­ers a li­feline to an­yone seek­ing to bet­t­er un­derstand the ex­peri­ence of de­press­ion and is tes­ta­ment to the therapeutic value of the arts. Avail­able to buy on Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US).

iF: A Treasu­ry of Poems for Al­most Every Pos­sibil­ity

Now in its fourth edi­tion, iF: A Treasu­ry of Poems for Al­most Every Pos­sibil­ity is a be­autiful­ly il­lustrated col­lec­tion of poet­ry de­sig­ned for childr­en aged 0 – 90. The an­thology is edited by Rac­hel Kelly and Allie Esiri and was first pub­lished by Canon­gate Books in 2012. Full of Rac­hel and Allie’s best-loved poems, it is sure to de­light and en­ter­tain – a sen­ti­ment shared by poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy who said the book should fea­ture on the shelf of every child in Britain. Avail­able to buy on Amazon (UK).