Rachel Kelly
Writer, Mental Health Campaigner, Public Speaker

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Omega-3 Kedgeree Recipe

This tradition­al In­dian dish of fish and rice be­came popular in En­gland in the Vic­torian era, when British col­oni­als re­tur­ned home and star­ted hav­ing it for break­fast. Our version works at all times of day, and is filled with omega-3 fats, zinc and B vitamins....

Spiced Tomato Baked Eggs with Sweet Potato and Guacamole

A re­cipe from the happy kitch­en: Good Mood Food.This protein-rich re­cipe makes for a cheer­ful weekend brunch. Or serve it with wholeg­rain tor­tillas and sour cream for a more sub­stan­ti­al lunch or di­nn­er. The guacamole is opt­ion­al, de­pend­ing upon how much time you have, and...