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Caring for someone with a mental health condition

@hubbydepressed is mum to three kids, runs her own busi­ness and has an amaz­ing hus­band who also hap­pens to have de­press­ion and an­xiety. She writes to help her cope and help oth­ers who, in sec­ret, are sup­port­ing a loved one with a long term ment­al...

Ineffective treatment can be worse than none

I’m de­lighted to share this ar­ticle writt­en by Julia Cresswell. Julia is now lar­ge­ly re­tired, but spent her work­ing life splitt­ing her time bet­ween writ­ing books, main­ly re­fer­ence books or books about the his­to­ry of En­glish, work­ing on big pro­jects as a lexicog­raph­er and teach­ing...