Rachel Kelly
Writer, Mental Health Campaigner, Public Speaker

Press & Media – 2017

Black Dog campaign podcast - interview with SANE's Adrian Garcia

July 2017

'Healthy Reads - Natur­al Health Magazine

August 2017

‘Eat Your­self Happy'

May 2017

Super­char­ged Food Re­view

22nd April 2017

Good Food - The Age In­ter­view and Extra­ct

18th April 2017

Di­abetes Well­ness - Spr­ing Edi­tion In­terivew and Extra­ct

18th April 2017

Radio New Zealand - Af­ternoons with Jesse Mul­ligan

18th April 2017

ABC RN - All in the Mind In­ter­view

18th April 2017

WellBe­ing Re­view

13th April 2017

NZ Re­gion­al Fair­fax - Tempo In­ter­view

12th April 2017

NZ Re­gion­al Fair­fax - Life In­ter­view

12th April 2017

NZ Re­gion­al Fair­fax - Zest In­ter­view

12th April 2017

S&S Pod­cast In­ter­view

10th April 2017

10th April 2017

Bal­main Li­bra­ry Event

10th April 2017

Cooks Eats Reads

1st April 2017

Mindfood - Must Have Co­ok­books Re­view

1st April 2017

Happy Cooks / Happy Kitch­en Launch

April 2017

Happy Kitch­en Fea­ture

April 2017

The Happy Kitch­en: Good Mood Food

April 2017

Can­berra Times Good Food Extra­ct

21st March 2017

6th March 2017

6th March 2017

6th March 2017

24th Feb­rua­ry 2017

Mood Food Friday - En­er­gy Balanc­ing Steak Salad Re­cipe

24th Feb­rua­ry 2017

Warm­ing Sweet Potato Curry

22nd Feb­rua­ry 2017

18th Feb­rua­ry 2017

17th Feb­rua­ry 2017

How to be­come a ‘clean think­er’ and get rid of middle-aged brain fog

6th Feb­rua­ry 2017

Writ­ing the Happy Kitch­en

3rd Feb­rua­ry 2017

Nourish & Flourish

2nd Feb­rua­ry 2017

Ment­al Wellbe­ing: Can Nut­ri­tion Make a Dif­fer­ence?

2nd Feb­rua­ry 2017

Happy Kitch­en Book Launch

1st Feb­rua­ry 2017

My Happy Kitch­en

27th Janua­ry 2017

Good Ment­al Health Food

22nd Janua­ry 2017

Food For Your Mood

19th Janua­ry 2017

How to eat your­self happy

17th Janua­ry 2017

The Happy Kitch­en in Nott­ing Hill

13th Janua­ry 2017

Feed­ing my mind

11th Janua­ry 2017

“Walking on Sunshine” recommended by US magazine ‘livehappy’

Sunday Times - "My Cure for Depression is Cheap and Tasty with Chips"

Radio Times - Happy New You

Fabric Magazine, Food & Drink Section - Zingy Courgette, Pea & Coconut Soup