Rachel Kelly
Writer, Mental Health Campaigner, Public Speaker


Dec 2016 - The For­give­ness Pro­ject. With Lemn Sis­say, ​Melis­sa Benn, Marina Can­tacuzino, and Mat­hew Shur­ka

Lemn Sis­say MBE is the aut­hor of sever­al books of poet­ry al­ongside ar­ticles, re­cords, pub­lic art, and plays. His latest book Gold from the Stone was pub­lished in August 2016. He was the of­fici­al poet for the Lon­don Olym­pics and for The FA Cup 2015. His Landmark Poems are in­stal­led throug­hout Man­chest­er and Lon­don in venues such as The Royal Fes­tiv­al Hall and The Olym­pic Park with Archbis­hop De­smond Tutu un­veil­ing his poem Gilt of Cain. He is a re­gular con­tributor to radio and TV and a pro­lific speak­er in­spir­ing audi­ences on a week­ly basis ac­ross the globe. Lemn’s focus will be on re­solv­ing the pain of a traumatic childhood.

Mat­hew Shur­ka‘s re­lationship with his fath­er broke down com­plete­ly from the age of 16 when his fath­er took him to a li­cen­sed therap­ist who claimed he could make gay peo­ple straight. After years of trauma, and estran­ge­ment from his fami­ly, Mat­hew sought to shift and re­con­cile their re­lationship. Today Mat­hew is a US nation­al spokes­person and global­ly re­cog­nised ac­tiv­ist work­ing to end ‘con­vers­ion therapy.’ He ser­ves as an ad­viso­ry mem­b­er for the com­mit­tee of the #BornPer­fect cam­paign.

Marina Cantacuzino, the inspirational founder of the charity The Forgiveness Project.

Melis­sa Benn writes re­gular­ly for the Guar­dian and other pub­lica­tions on a range of soci­al is­sues, in­clud­ing educa­tion. She is a found­er of the Local Schools Net­work, and chair of Com­prehen­sive Fu­ture. Her books in­clude School Wars: The Battle for Britain’s Educa­tion; One of Us; and What Should We Tell Our Daught­ers? The Pleasures and Pre­ssures of Grow­ing Up Female. She is co-author of De­bunk­ing the Seven Myths of Educa­tion.

Nov 2016 - Magazine book sign­ing with Re­verend Ric­hard Coles and Sian Wil­liams

Nov 2016 - Magazine book sign­ing with Re­verend Ric­hard Coles and Sian Wil­liams

15.09.16 – Ment­al Wealth Feativ­al, City Lit, Lon­don

31.07.16 – Idler Academy event at Port Eliot Fes­tiv­al

30.07.16 – Hap­pinesshub panel at Womad fes­tiv­al with Susy Greaves

24.06.16 – At the Wel­lington Fes­tiv­al of Educa­tion

27.05.16 – Workshop at Mul­ber­ry House School in Ox­fordshire

20.05.16 – Re­think Ment­al Il­l­ness event at ITN for Ment­al Health Aware­ness week

20.05.16 – Workshop with Credit Suis­se and Mind for Ment­al Health Aware­ness Week

20.05.16 – ITN event

18.05.16 - TEDx Con­fer­ence

16.05.16 - Workshop, Not­tingham Centr­al Li­bra­ry

14.05.16 - Co­wdray Wellbe­ing Weekend

14.05.16 - With Horatio Mor­purgo at Co­wdray Wellbe­ing Weekend

28.04.16 - Launch of 'Mind Talks' with Nor­man Lamb

26.04.16 - Workshop, BBC Monitor­ing Centre

21.04.16 - Workshop Clea­ry Gottlieb Steen

17.04.16 -A Dif­ferent Kind of Woman