Rachel Kelly
Writer, Mental Health Campaigner, Public Speaker

Mental Health Charities

I am very proud to work al­ongside ment­al health charit­ies. The first charit­ies I be­came in­vol­ved were Sane and Uni­ted Re­spon­se. When my mem­oir “Black Rain­bow: How words healed me – my jour­ney through de­press­ion” came out in 2014, I gave my aut­hor pro­ceeds to these two charit­ies as I wan­ted to sup­port their im­por­tant work. In 2015, I be­came an Am­bassador for Sane and vice-president of Uni­ted Re­spon­se.

Since then I have be­come an Am­bassador for Re­think Ment­al Il­l­ness and Young Minds. I run workshops for these charit­ies and oth­ers, and try to re­duce stig­ma and im­prove treat­ment for those suf­fer­ing from ment­al il­lnes­ses.

Below are some links to a few of the charit­ies that I sup­port.


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I'm a huge admirer of Marjorie Wallace OBE who set up SANE as a campaigning organisation to raise awareness of mental illness, initially schizophrenia, and now mental illness more generally. SANE's foundation followed a series of ground-breaking articles by Wallace in the Sunday Times. Now the charity is know for its Black Dog campaign to reduce stigma as well as its helpline.

Black Dog Campaign

The Black Dog Cam­paign re­duces the stig­ma sur­round­ing ment­al il­l­ness and en­courages peo­ple to seek help early, rath­er than suf­fer­ing in sil­ence.

The cam­paign aims are:

  • Reduce stigma, prejudice and exclusion
  • Encourage more people to seek help
  • Educate members of the public - #StopStigma
  • Take mental health into schools, colleges and the workplace
  • Change perceptions of mental illness
  • Demonstrate the importance of research
  • Involve young people in mental health
  • Change attitudes of future generations

United Response

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One of the aims of United Response is to help both mentally and physically disabled people be treated at home. Like many others, I was happier being cared for at home than in hospital, so I am delighted to be Vice President of United Response and to encourage their efforts in this respect, as well as in many other areas of care for the disadvantaged.

Rethink Mental Illness

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I've been proud to be involved in some of Rethink's initiatives to do just that - rethink the way we look at mental illness. I love the way Rethink works alongside other charities and collaborates in its efforts to improve the treatment of those who are mentally unwell and to reduce stigma, especially in the workplace.

Young Minds

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Of course prevention must be better than cure, so I support Young Mind's fantastic efforts to help teenagers and young people to stay well and calm. Many of those who now suffer from mental illness as adults were first affected when younger. Yet there are good, evidence-based strategies to provide effective help, especially if we address problems when they first appear. Young Minds campaigns to make sure that every young person has proper access to help which is absolutely not the case at the moment.

Mind Talks

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Work­ing in an in­itiative cal­led Mind Talks, al­ongside the likes of Al­as­tair Campbell, Jane Hor­rocks and Geoff McDonald (ex-Global VP of HR at Uni­lev­er), I have re­cent­ly been asked to re­cord some of my story

The Counselling Foundation

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I'm honoured to have been made an Am­bassador for the Co­un­sell­ing Foun­da­tion, which right­ly de­scribes it­self as an or­ganisa­tion for per­son­al growth. I'm am some­one who has been lucky en­ough to have ex­perien­ced the power of therapy which hel­ped me re­cov­er. I great­ly ad­mire the work the Foun­da­tion does to train therap­ists for the per­son­al growth of oth­ers, as well as for therap­ists them­selves.