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How diet cured my depression – as well as my arthritis

Sarah Gall is 63 years old, lives in Rochdale, Lancashire with her husband Alan and she has four grown-up children. Alan and Sarah met in the ice-skating club at Salford University. Alan graduated in Chemical Engineering and Sarah finished with a BSc (Hons.) in Biochemistry and stayed at home with the children when they were growing up.

Sarah's mother tragically died of cervical cancer when Sarah was only one year old and she seems to have an in-built desire to conquer disease!

Here Sarah shares how diet has played a major role in her recovery from depression, and arthritis.  

Twel­ve years ago I suf­fered severe­ly with arthritis in my spine. I was un­able to tolerate my doc­tor's pre­scribed medica­tion and re­sor­ted to fol­low­ing a drug free, self help approach.

This in­vol­ved dras­tical­ly chang­ing my diet to avoid cer­tain acidic foods, cook­ing foods from scratch, so I knew ex­act­ly what I was eating, tak­ing a mix­ture of cider vinegar and honey re­gular­ly, hav­ing Epsom Salt baths, tak­ing vitamin and miner­al sup­ple­ments and ex­er­cis­ing re­gular­ly.

After just a week my de­press­ion li­fted and I felt much more en­er­gised to ex­erc­ise and I've never looked back since. My gener­al health has vast­ly im­proved, I'm rare­ly ill now, my mem­o­ry has dramatical­ly im­proved and the arthritis hasn't re­tur­ned.

This approach is like a rath­er elaborate, 5-pronged de-tox:

1. CIDER VINEGAR and HONEY 3 X a day, after a meal.

2. 1 tsp or­ganic BLACK-STRAP MOLAS­SES after every meal (full of iron and miner­als to stop you feel­ing run-down and de­pres­sed as arthritis 'takes it out of you') and DAILY VITAMIN and MINER­AL SUP­PLE­MENTS

3. EPSOM SALT baths (draws th­ings out through the pores of your skin)

4. AVOID­ING CER­TAIN ACIDIC FOODS (anyth­ing con­tain­ing cit­ric acid, like tomatoes and cit­rus fruits and some other foods)

5. Get EX­ER­CIS­ING (to keep your joints mov­ing, so arthritis can't settle into them)

Each prong is equal­ly im­por­tant. Best to do all 5 for most ef­fective re­sults.

As with other de-tox met­hods you may find that th­ings get worse be­fore they get bet­t­er. This is a norm­al rea­c­tion and shows that it's work­ing be­neficial­ly. I found that the flare-ups star­ted to de­crease in sever­ity and be­came less and less frequent. Nowadays they rare­ly occur and are ex­treme­ly mild in na­ture. I've lear­ned not to panic, I just try and take th­ings easy, keep on with the diet and re­medy and the sym­ptoms sub­side in a few days.

The body nor­mal­ly re­gulates it's pH balan­ce, but if it's sub­jec­ted to so much acid that ex­cre­tion mech­an­isms fail to re­gulate it then it is sec­reted into the bloodstream which de­posits it into the syn­ovi­al fluids in joints. This causes pain.Leads to lack of en­er­gy, fatigue, de­press­ion, im­paired im­mune sys­tem, flu-like pain and itchy ras­hes.

From my own experience the acid-free approach can clear arthritis and prevent it's return (I was lucky to start on the regime before arthritic damage had occurred to my joints), clear bouts of bronchitis, dramatically reduce migraine occurrence, calm you right down, help you to gradually reduce weight (before I was a size 20/22 but now twelve years on I am a size 14/16), noticeably improve memory, increase energy- levels, clear depression, improve sleep, improve digestion, keeps things moving inside (prevents constipation), noticeably improve hair and teeth condition, increase resistance to disease (I'm now rarely ill),reduce likelihood of muscle-strain, back-pain etc. (increased exercise results in increased muscle-tone and strength)

I still can't be­lieve how quick­ly my spirits li­fted after fol­low­ing the diet and tak­ing vari­ous miner­al and vitamin sup­ple­ments that they sug­gested in the book.

Ap­parent­ly arthritis can 'take it out of you' and this makes you feel run down,dep­ressed and let­hargic. I had to avoid cer­tain acidic foods and drinks,for ex­am­ple fruit and foods con­tain­ing cit­ric acid and I only drink very weak tea and co­ffee.

Our modern day diets are so acidic that it builds up acid levels in our bod­ies, so much so that our health is badly af­fected and this leads to all kinds of il­lnes­ses. Tak­ing cider vinegar and honey re­gular­ly helps to de­crease acid levels, ap­parent­ly and also tak­ing Epsom Salt baths.

Try­ing to avoid stress­ful situa­tions rea­l­ly helps as does in­creas­ing re­gular ex­erc­ise. I try and go out for walks in the mid­dle of the day be­fore lunch in order to be­nefit most from any sun­light.

I feel SO much calm­er now and my mem­o­ry has also vast­ly im­proved.

I've writt­en three book­lets about my re­cove­ry to try and en­courage other suf­f­ers to try this approach,'One Ad­vance Against Arthritis' which de­tails my re­cove­ry, 'Glori­ous Food for Arthritis Re­cove­ry', my favourite home-cooking re­cipes and 'Detox, Diet and De­feat your Arthritis' which is an up­date on my first book­let and in­cludes my latest health fin­d­ings.

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