Rachel Kelly
Writer, Mental Health Campaigner, Public Speaker


Black Rain­bow

User friend­ly and free, the Black Rain­bow app has a per­son­al feel and aims to pro­vide com­fort in quiet mo­ments to in­dividu­als suf­fer­ing from de­press­ion. It fea­tures a col­lec­tion of heal­ing poems and prose extra­cts careful­ly selec­ted by Rac­hel and read by acclaimed ac­tors and broad­cast­ers, togeth­er with Rac­hel’s input on the diet and ex­erc­ise strateg­ies that she found most help­ful in her own re­cove­ry. Black Rain­bow is avail­able for download on iP­hone and An­droid.

iF Poems

De­sig­ned and con­ceived by Rac­hel Kelly and Allie Esiri, iF Poems is a high­ly re­com­mended, best-selling poet­ry app featur­ing 270 clas­sic poems as well as audio re­cord­ings by celeb­rated ac­tors in­clud­ing Helena Bon­ham Cart­er, Bill Nighy, Tom Hiddles­ton and Harry En­field. Made for iP­hone and iPad, the app costs £2.29 and 10% of all sales go to help fund the work of Save the Childr­en. Avail­able for download on iTunes.