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Writer, Mental Health Campaigner, Public Speaker

Anxiety & Creative Writing: Solace in Words

Emma Wilson is a mental health campaigner with experience of working in research, communications and policy.

Navigating her 20s whilst living in the hustle and bustle of London, Emma is committed to raising awareness about mental health through writing and speaking about her own experiences.

Emma has an active Twitter following @MindfulEm as well as a blog.

“Creative writing has always been an outlet during times of mental distress. Whether my mind is racing at 100mph or feels completely subsumed by the weight of depression, I find great solace in words.”

Over the years, poetry has been a source of escapism and a way of documenting my emotions in a way that is hard to articulate through speech. Most recently, I have found myself experiencing hours or days of unrelenting anxiety. On the night I wrote this poem, my mind had reached a level of high alert. I couldn't sit still, yet my constant multitasking had the effect of being highly unproductive. Jumping from one task to the next, I felt like I was running up a hill with weights on my ankles; there was little progress but a lot of spent energy.

Writing this poem felt like a great release. It was a way to channel all of my energy into a creative outlet. It also provided my mind with an opportunity to slow down for a few minutes and focus on my feelings in that particular moment.

The next time someone asks me about how it feels to have an episode of anxiety, this will act as a good explanation about some of the symptoms and irrationalities surrounding the condition. We are all unique in how we experience anxiety but I hope this poem provides some reassurance to others facing similar challenges. You’re not alone. But it will pass and it will never define you